Join us this September 20th for our annual lucy lee flippincelebration commemorating Laura Ingalls Wilder, America’s favorite pioneer girl, and her cherished Little House books. This year we will have the honor of Lucy Lee Flippin, “Eliza Jane” from TV’s Little House on the Prairie, joining us for our celebration. Lucy Lee will be speaking & autographing. 2014 is 120 years the Wilders arrived in Mansfield, MO as well as 40 years for the television show “Little House on the Prairie” Go to Calendar of Events for details.

Wilder Days is an annual event that is held by the community of Mansfield, Missouri to remember and recognize one of their favorite and very famous residents,the late Laura Ingalls Wilder.  You can learn more about why we take time to acknowledge and appreciate Laura at Laura’s Story Laura enjoyed living and working on their farm in the Mansfield community and spent many hours writing her childhood experiences of pioneer life in this country which became the favorite Little House books that children love today in many countries besides our own.

Venders and volunteers from the community gather to show midwestern hospitality to visitors during the celebration…hospitality that is common here all through the year.